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Top 10 Catches[By Size] in Last 24 Hours
Caught ByFish
FracchiaVBluefin Tuna 9 feet-6 inches-2 cm-0.23 mm[829.31 lbs] (Boss II) (Pohiki)(Happened 21 hours 0 minutes ago)
RaimondNurse Shark 9 feet-4 inches-3.74 mm[320.916 lbs] (Boss II) (Bali)(Happened 15 hours 0 minutes ago)
TiegNurse Shark 8 feet-5 inches-2 cm-2.4 mm[259.527 lbs] (Boss II) (Bali)(Happened 1 hour 0 minutes ago)
StaceyNurse Shark 8 feet-2 inches-1 cm-4.49 mm[242.173 lbs] (Boss I) (Bali)(Happened 12 hours 0 minutes ago)
RaimondNurse Shark 7 feet-4 inches-1 cm-6.15 mm[196.431 lbs] (Boss I) (Bali)(Happened 17 hours 0 minutes ago)
GrantWels Catfish 7 feet-3 inches-4.08 mm[65.14 lbs] (Regular II) (Po River)(Happened 19 hours 0 minutes ago)
FracchiaVBlack Marlin 7 feet-2 inches-1 cm-7.8 mm[323.432 lbs] (Regular II) (Pohiki)(Happened 18 hours 0 minutes ago)
pancevBluefin Tuna 7 feet-1 cm-6.82 mm[442.23 lbs] (Regular II) (San Deego Bay)(Happened 18 hours 0 minutes ago)
taccoHammerhead Shark 6 feet-10 inches-2 cm-2.52 mm[203.462 lbs] (Regular II) (Four Winds Island)(Happened 21 hours 0 minutes ago)
PokerNurse Shark 6 feet-10 inches-5.12 mm[167.936 lbs] (Regular II) (Bali)(Happened 14 hours 0 minutes ago)

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